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Troubleshooting Debian

Greetings all!

I know this will be a rather difficult thing to answer I think, but
are there any generic steps listed somewhere on how to troublehshoot a
problem on a Debian/Linux system?  I understand that each problem can
be rather unique on how you approach it but I have yet to see a kind
of flow-chart or at least some guidelines (did a quick search of the
Debian FAQ and the LDP) and nothing was immediately obvious.  I was
kinda looking for a:

1/ Check logs.  Insert ways to check various logs (both CLI and GUI)
2/ Type commands (for networks use command A, for video use command B, for....)

Right now, and perhaps the only method, is to plunk in any error
message (when I know there are any) into Google and hopefully a
solution appears that works for Debian. Obviously a lot of Ubuntu
results show up but given my limited knowledge on the difference, I am
not yet qualified enough to know whether it will work without causing
more complications.

I am aware of the various channels of help (i.e. this list, IRC, the
base websites) but was hoping someone may have outlined more steps so
that I can learn as much as possible without having to wait for
someone to reply.



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