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Re: Troubleshooting Debian

On 05/06/12 03:55, Martin Steigerwald wrote:

I know this will be a rather difficult thing to answer I think, but
are there any generic steps

Nope. It really depends on the error/problem.
The beauty of *nix is that it is compartmentalised and rarely does a problem in one "cause" a problem in another.

It is basically a matter of experience leading you/or hinting to, the correct area.

I am not aware of anything available that is able to replace the own
ability to *think*. You have a brain. Use it!

Blunt, but typical of the Debian community.

Aside from that there is the Debian Reference and lots of other excellent
documentation and books about Debian.

One day I might find those.

or some other good book while gaining your own experience by practically
using and administering Debian systems.

I've told O'Reilly that their books are rather useless for trouble shooting or learning for the average person.

Personally, lurking in a list like this and reading the problems, suggestions and solutions will teach you an enormous amount of practical problem solving.

Terry Collins {:-)}}}}}
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