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Re: Troubleshooting Debian

DragonDon <dragondon@dragondon.net> writes:

 > 1/ Check logs.  Insert ways to check various logs (both CLI and GUI) 
 > 2/ Type commands (for networks use command A, for video use command
 >  B, for....) 

That is way how it is. What is wrong with that? 

 > Right now, and perhaps the only method, is to plunk in any error
 > message (when I know there are any) into Google and hopefully a
 > solution appears that works for Debian. Obviously a lot of Ubuntu
 > results show up but given my limited knowledge on the difference, I
 > am not yet qualified enough to know whether it will work without
 > causing more complications.

1. If you are using the 'stable' version of Debian, and encounter
problems, chances are(a) you have misconfigured something (b) you have a
hardware issue. 

Either way, you need to ask the offical Debian customer care team. 

IIRC, that is right here. :-D

2. If you are using testing / unstable / experimental versions of
Debian, you know enough whether the answers google throws up are
relevant for ou are not. 

You can still consult Debian customer support.  

 > base websites) but was hoping someone may have outlined more steps so
 > that I can learn as much as possible without having to wait for
 > someone to reply.

Ugh oh. You mean documentation??? You need to install the help packages
for the corresponding binary. I doubt that we have a standard naming
convention for such packages, several, if not, most applications come
bundled with the corresponding help documentation; but most have the
documentation split out into separate packages. 

At this level of "troubleshooting", it is unlikely that your issues are
specific to Debian. Sometimes, we may have some quirky configuration
file, but, it is equally likely that such quirks are documented by
authors of such quirks. If and when you encouner such Debian specific
issue for a package, Look in /usr/share/doc/<packagename>/ directory for
files like README.Debian, README.Debian.gz, changelog.Debian.gz,
NEWS.Debian, etc.

Mahesh T. Pai   ||
End Users are just friends who haven't submitted a patch yet.

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