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Virtual interfaces and IPv4/IPv6


Since the upgrade of bridge-utils from 1.5-2 to 1.5-3 (testing) my bridge doesn’t get its IPv4 configuration anymore, only the IPv6 configuration.

While I may have found a workaround (I’ll test it tomorrow), I found bug #319832. It is quite old, but nothing has changed since then. I am wondering if we can get a solution into Wheezy since IPv6 gets more and more used.

So how do we configure a bridge or vlan interface with IPv4 and IPv6? The last version of ifupdown in testing needs still two stanzas (inet and inet6) instead of one (e.g. iface eth0 ip static, inet address …, inet6 address …). So I need „iface xenbr0 inet static” and „iface xenbr0 inet6 static” stanzas. Which stanza should contain the bridge or VLAN configuration? Until the upgrade the bridge configuration was added to both stanzas which produced an error but was working.

The bug report mentions that ip could handle VLAN and bridge configuration itself, but the vlan and bridge-utils packages are still available.

So what are the future plans? It would be great as well if I could de-/configure a part of an interface (e.g. IPv6 while keeping the IPv4 settings), maybe with „ifdown eth0 inet6”?


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