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Re: Virtual interfaces and IPv4/IPv6

On Thu, 31 May 2012 15:12:25 +0200, Stephan Seitz wrote:

> Since the upgrade of bridge-utils from 1.5-2 to 1.5-3 (testing) my
> bridge doesn’t get its IPv4 configuration anymore, only the IPv6
> configuration.
> While I may have found a workaround (I’ll test it tomorrow), I found bug
> #319832. It is quite old, but nothing has changed since then. I am
> wondering if we can get a solution into Wheezy since IPv6 gets more and
> more used.

It seems to be documented in the man page:


"(...) Multiple stanzas of a bridge definition are currently not 
supported, so if you want to add a ipv6 and a ipv4 to a bridge do it all 
in one definition by using the "up" option. If however you still want to 
use  multiple stanzas or would like to read more on this bug you can see 
it at http://bugs.debian.org/319832";

> So how do we configure a bridge or vlan interface with IPv4 and IPv6?


There should be a workaround in the bug you (and the man page) mentioned.



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