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Installing Debian on Acer Aspire One

Hi all!

I'm trying to re-install my Debian on this laptop (an Acer Aspire One)
to use it as a server.

I just tried this wiki [1] and I can't get it working at all (I
substituted the older and non-existing files for newer ones and Debian
5.0.5 netinstall by a actual testing one. Result: after selecting the
USB drive on the BIOS, a permanent black screen with its little blinking

After that, I configure my desktop with a DHCP server to try a PXE
installation: I get the Debian Installer working: I was able to select
the language, country, Debian repository... but it cannot detect my hard
disk (d-i asks me for the driver of my non-detected HDD, which I don't

I don't remember having this issues when I forst installed Debian on
this laptop in the past.

P.S. The PXE boot image that I've tried is an sid one.

Anybody knows how can I install Debian from scratch?
Best regard and thanks in advance

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianAcerOne

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