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Re: Installing Debian on Acer Aspire One

On Mon, 28 May 2012 00:22:51 +0200, José Luis Segura Lucas wrote:

> I'm trying to re-install my Debian on this laptop (an Acer Aspire One)
> to use it as a server.
> I just tried this wiki [1] and I can't get it working at all (I
> substituted the older and non-existing files for newer ones and Debian
> 5.0.5 netinstall by a actual testing one. Result: after selecting the
> USB drive on the BIOS, a permanent black screen with its little blinking
> cursor.

You mean you're installing an hybrid ISO image from an external USB flash 
and it fails to boot from there? How did you create the USB disk? Steps 
are detailed here:


> After that, I configure my desktop with a DHCP server to try a PXE
> installation: I get the Debian Installer working: I was able to select
> the language, country, Debian repository... but it cannot detect my hard
> disk (d-i asks me for the driver of my non-detected HDD, which I don't
> know).


A driver for a hard disk? What kind of hdd it has, regular hdd 
(mechanical) or SSD? Is there something of interest at the debug console?



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