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Re: Can anyone please reproduce this crash in X on Sid?

On 17 May 2012, Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> ..ok, what sort of networking do you run?

Just connected via cables with static links.

> ..ok, they may both be alive, despite the zero response.  
> No blinkenlight trio? (CapLock+NumLock+ScrollLock LED's)

Nothing visible when that happens.

> > up.
> ..the 3 tail -f $logfile ideas; 1, over ssh until ssh breaks,  
> 2, over the grub serial console, or, 3, log to your syslog 
> server on your 3'rd box, to capture log files when you try 
> crash X again.

Can you spell this out please? I don/t understand.

Incidentally, in the last couple of days I made a second installation of
Debian on a spare section of disk. In stable everything worked correctly,
as expected. I upgraded to Testing and it still worked. I then upgraded
to Sid and the problem reappeared. I really can't believe I am the only
user finding this. Is it a bug in X on Sid? (I originally reported it as
a bug in i3 but it is not confined to that wm.)


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