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Re: desktop notification gone

On Sun, 13 May 2012 12:51:04 +0200, Tom wrote:

> Hey Camaleón,
> First off, to my delight it is worked around by using XFCE's daemon, cf.
> Adrian's message.

Yup, I already read that message :-)
>>> After quite a detour I learned it's likely/probably about the message
>>> queue not being flushed <..> For notify-OSD and notification-daemon
>>> however the only advice I found was to kill it.
>> Yes, kill it and re-launch it again to see what happens.
> Well, exactly what was to be expected -- one notification per
> application, nothing after that.

Well, I get different notifications coming from aplications every time 
they need to "tell me" something not just one pop-up and nothing 
afterwards. At least this is the usual for GNOME.

>> Users shouldn't need to care about that queue thingies. If the daemon
>> is up and running and notifications only come up once, something is
>> wrong with it and as you are running sid, the possibilities of hitting
>> some sort of bug increase.
> Hm. Judging from what I read yesterday, I'm not sure if it's actually a
> bug and not just notification-daemon's fault for depending on another
> application to manage the queue. In that case, wouldn't a bug report in
> Debian's bts be useless, i.e. just forwarded upstream?

In you're still interested on this, I'd first report it in Debian BTS, if 
it needs to be forwarded upstream, you will be told to do it so.

>> Anyway, you can also review your logs, just in case.
> What logs are those? .xsession-errors (nothing in there)?

Where the usual dbus and freedesktop logs usually go, i.e., "/var/log/
daemon.log" and "/var/log/syslog" are the ones I'd look at :-?



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