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Re: desktop notification gone

On Sat, 12 May 2012 21:41:44 +0200, Tom wrote:

> On 05/12/2012 06:02 PM, Camaleón wrote:
>> Check whether the "notification-daemon" is started after you login.
> It is, I re-checked this afternoon for Michael already (and besides,
> notify-send does okay, which I guess it wouldn't without the daemon).
>>> When running Gnome everything's fine.
>> What GNOME? Fallback or shell? :-)
> That'd be shell. I'm not sure what kind of smiley it really deserves
> though. :)


Then, when login with gnome-shell the notifications are coming from 
inside, I mean, "libnotify" and the gnome-shell itself (I have no 
"notification-daemon" process running when I'm inside a gnome-shell 

>> You can also try the usual thing: create a new user, login and check if
>> the notifications are working
> Nothing's different for the new user: everything notifies properly in
> Gnome, but only once in Openbox.
> Now, eh, I generally roll eyes when somebody starts answering to their
> own questions, but I couldn't help it. After quite a detour I learned
> it's likely/probably about the message queue not being flushed, but I
> didn't find a solution for that. Statnot [1] was referred to in the Arch
> forums because it has a QUEUE_NOTIFICATIONS config option. For
> notify-OSD and notification-daemon however the only advice I found was
> to kill it.

Yes, kill it and re-launch it again to see what happens. If things start 
working as they should and notifications pop-up again, then your theory 
of "the notifying queue is not being fushed" will earn extra points and 
you can consider in opening a bug report :-)
> The notification specification [2] mentions expire_timeout. If that is
> set to -1, the decision is left to the notification server. Since my
> music player does just that, I suppose notification-daemon is to blame.
> Sadly it isn't very configurable (not at all, as far as I'm aware).


Users shouldn't need to care about that queue thingies. If the daemon is 
up and running and notifications only come up once, something is wrong 
with it and as you are running sid, the possibilities of hitting some 
sort of bug increase. Anyway, you can also review your logs, just in case.



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