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Re: gpg/pgp noise

On Wed, May 09, 2012 at 07:20:15PM +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 09/05/12 18:56, Jon Dowland wrote:
> > In what way? I can verify Mika's signatures just fine.  The signatures
> > are valid.
> All his posts?
> Is cutting and pasting a hobby?
> Do you between "some" and "all"?

The ones I've bothered to verify, via '|gpg --verify' in mutt. So not all
of them. I haven't done any copy-and-pasting. Or do you mean something else?

> Because there's no chain of trust.

Confirmed? (you've trimmed my initial investigation which indicates he
has at least one signatory.)

> > It's not impossible for someone to have a trust
> > path to Mikka. 
> Either there is a chain of trust, or there isn't.

Indeed, but

> Care to commit an opinion?

As I think my message made quite clear, I haven't ruled it out as possible
nor seen anyone else do so. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

It's also worth pointing out that, if Mikka manages to strengthen his web
of trust in the future, we can then verify his signed messages in the past.

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