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Re: fsck forced when using /sbin/shutdown

On Mon, 2012-04-23 at 12:07 -0700, Kelly Clowers wrote:
> Is it possible to shutdown vuze gracefully instead of killing java out
> from under it?

I couldn't find anything back when I wrote the script besides killing
java. But I just did another search and came up with "vuze --closedown"
which seems to work fine.

> Or there are a lot of torrent clients that are likely to be better
> behaved than vuze...

True, but I find that they lack configuration options with regard to
queuing. I searched for other clients before, as Vuze was having regular
crashes (whether this was down to Vuze or the JRE used, I don't know,
but it doesn't crash anymore, so it isn't as much of an issue anymore).

That aside, I don't believe it is Vuze's fault that the filesystem is
corrupted, for that matter, I think it is up to the OS to prevent that
by killing the applications, then writing out the remaining buffers and
cleanly unmount the filesystem. Which is clearly not happening here,
however I'm fairly sure that about any Linux system, especially Debian,
does this kind of thing right, leaving aside power failures and hardware

Still puzzled about this.

Kind regards,

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