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Re: fsck forced when using /sbin/shutdown

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 11:54, Steven Post <redalert.commander@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm thinking about it, there are only 2 applications running right
> before that command gets executed.
> - Vuze
> - pgl-gui (peerguardian for Linux)
> The complete script actually looks like this:
> vlc -f play
> killall java
> sudo /sbin/shutdown -h +2
> vlc is started full screen with playlist file "play", the last item in
> the playlist tells vlc to exit. Then "killall java" is executed to tell
> vuze to terminate (failing to do so results in vuze complaining about
> suddenly being stopped, due to the shutdown procedure).
> That is also the reason for the 1 minute delay, so as to give Vuze
> enough time to properly terminate. I had no problems with this before
> the reinstall.
> I'll remember to stop pgl-gui today, if that doesn't fix it, I'm out of
> ideas.

Is it possible to shutdown vuze gracefully instead of killing java out
from under it?
Or there are a lot of torrent clients that are likely to be better
behaved than vuze...

Kelly Clowers

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