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Re: No sound with new install

Those Realtek/intel on-board soundards have a problem with 3.2 kernels. Some 
things work, some things do not.

Two new "controls" were added: speaker and headphone (so I was informed in a 
similar thread a few weeks ago when the problem surfaced on my machine). The 
speaker control does not show up at all. The headphone control will show on 
asla-mixers and qasmixe but NOT on kmix. Headphone must be enabled to get 
sound. Media through browsers still does not work but other playback MAY. 
(BTW: Headphones pugged into the interface do not work.)

As of 3.1 kernels and onwards, direct line input to this interface also does 
not work (maybe a hardware problem by me?). I had another card plugged in to 
that. I have to go through jack and alsa_out to work around this problem.

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