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Freeze on wake

After returning my 1015BX and getting a 1015B Eee PC, I have a hardware
compatibility problem (at least I think it's a hardware problem):
sometimes on wakeup from sleep, the system freezes and can only be reset
by removing the battery; holding the power button shuts it off, but it
comes back frozen instead of cold booting when I press it again.

There doesn't appear to be any pattern to the freezes, so I haven't been
able to find a workaround.  I'm using Gnome3, so whatever backend that
uses is what I'm using for suspend (I'm assuming pm-utils).  I know
pm-utils has some workaround for hardware "quirks," but I can't figure
out how to enable them system-wide (so it's used when I suspend from Gnome).

Can anyone offer any help?

Aidan Gauland

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