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Re: No sound with new install

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 04:53:58PM +0200, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> Ok.. I know these may sound really naive... but with the integrated
> audio thingies sometimes audio is really troublesome to set up even
> if everything is working correctly, so:
> - Are you 100% sure you have plugged your headphones/speakers in the
> right output. This may seem funny but here e.g. I have front and
> rear headphone jack and these are selectable from the alsamixer.
> I've seen situations in which only one worked so you should try the
> combinations.

Yeah, those are good thoughts. I haven't actually heard sound from
the PC yet (it's new, and didn't come with an OS), so plan to load
up a few live CDs to check whether things work better there, and to
more closely rule out hardward issues. I have tried plugging my
speakers into everywhere, though, so think it's unlikely to be the
issue here (and checked that audio was enabled in my bios).

> - On the same line try playing with levels and switches in
> (alsa)mixer (or some other gui version) .. I have seen that
> sometimes when I upgrade, for some unpredictable reason the PCM
> volume is turned down to 0 (PCM is basically all the audio you'll
> get from applications).

As alsamixer and related applications all don't start due to an
error at the moment I can't do this, and it implies that it's more
than just a little configuration thing sadly.

> You would be surprised to know how many times I wasted time
> debugging audio problems at the driver level and the issue was
> actually in the (alsa) mixer, cables, plugs etc.

I really hope I don't find out that it's something stupid like that
in this case! Doesn't seem to be, I think.


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