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Re: No sound with new install

On 02/04/12 11:49, Nick White wrote:
Hi debian folks,

I installed Debian last week (for the first time), and things
generally went very nicely.

One thing which isn't yet working though is sound. I'm currently
using the kernel from debian-backports
(linux-image-3.2.0-0.bpo.2-amd64) in order to get my ethernet
working, but the same thing happenned with the stock 2.6 kernel too

Any suggestions at all of things to try would be most appreciated.
Below is hopefully relevant output from interesting commands.

Ok.. I know these may sound really naive... but with the integrated audio thingies sometimes audio is really troublesome to set up even if everything is working correctly, so:

- Are you 100% sure you have plugged your headphones/speakers in the right output. This may seem funny but here e.g. I have front and rear headphone jack and these are selectable from the alsamixer. I've seen situations in which only one worked so you should try the combinations. - On the same line try playing with levels and switches in (alsa)mixer (or some other gui version) .. I have seen that sometimes when I upgrade, for some unpredictable reason the PCM volume is turned down to 0 (PCM is basically all the audio you'll get from applications).

You would be surprised to know how many times I wasted time debugging audio problems at the driver level and the issue was actually in the (alsa) mixer, cables, plugs etc.

Good luck!

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