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Re: Upgrade to wheezy possible?

On Jo, 29 mar 12, 00:02:56, Sharon Kimble wrote:
> I use Gnome and some portions of KDE [kmail, knode, etc], kmymoney,
> and libreoffice [from source].

You might get away, but OTOH filling a partition too much increases 
fragmentation a lot. Could you please post the output of 'df -hT'?

> /var is 3.6gb free and is a separate partition.
That should be enough.

> > What can cause problems in your situation is the size increase of the
> > applications from one version to another. One approach would be to use
> > dpigs (package debian-goodies) and then check the difference in
> > Installed-Size of the bigger packages. A possible solution would be to
> > consider slimmer alternatives for some of them.
> dpigs? So I install 'dpigs' under squeeze and then see what the size
> is under wheezy? Is that right?

Not quite. dpigs can tell you the largest installed packages. Then you 
need to check by some other means the increase in size.

Now that I think of, apt-get/aptitude --simulate will inform you about 
the *total* increase in size. You can assume that most of it will go to 

> >> Or do I need to repartition and reinstall squeeze and then upgrade to
> >> wheezy?
> >
> > It's also possible to install wheezy directly, without going through
> > squeeze.
> >
> I've got squeeze operating now, so a direct install of wheezy isn't possible.

Above you said "reinstall", which is why I suggested the more direct 

Kind regards,
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