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Re: Lilo not recognizing keyboard SOLVED)

On 3/25/2012 10:58 PM, Marc Shapiro wrote:

> I should have googled before posting.  Aparently lilo is not capable of
> recognizing USB keyboards, but the BIOS can.  All I needed to do was
> find the right BIOS option.  The only tricky part was that this option
> (in my BIOS) says nothing about keyboards.  The option was for allowing
> legacy USB support in DOS!  Who looks for that?!?

Anyone who has built/used PCs for say, 10 years, specifically whitebox,
and has spent a fair amount of time in AMI/Award BIOS.  Phoenix BIOS
usually ships on retail branded boxen along with Intel retail mobos, and
usually has this function enabled by default on anything sold within the
past 7 years or so.  So basically any HardwareFreak would know what to
look for.  ;)


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