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Are there any current label printers that works with Linux/amd64?


Does anyone have a current label printer working with 

Brother QL-580N appears to be decent hardware, but apparently 
a brick under amd64[1][2].  Neither the install instructions 
(--force-all) or the source code I looked at inspired confidence.

Dymo is supported under CUPS, but bug 640246[3] suggest current
models are not supported.  Apparently the LabelWrite 450 have
some design issues causing jams if you print multiple labels at a 

Zebra printers appears to be supported by CUPS (CPCL, EPL1, EPL2, 
and ZPL).  This should cover their least expensive model (LP 2824 
Plus), but the hardware is still a bit pricey.

Printing on sheets does not work out too well for a label at a 
time application.

[1] <http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_esp.html#QL-580N>
[2] <http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/instruction_esp3.html>
[3] <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=640246>

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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