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Re: howto log screen output while booting

On Mi, 07 mar 12, 14:52:19, Wayne Topa wrote:
> Fount the problem.  Even though dpkg -l bootlogd said it was installed.
> some how back in January the bootlogd executable had been removed.
> Aptitude was able to purge/install the package and the log is now
> working in wheezy
> The Sid is somewhat different.  I moved the weird bootlogd.dpkg-old to
> bootlogd and restarted that service and it is now working.  I
> think(?) the problem(s) occurred during the upgrade to bootlogd
> version 2.88dsf-22, which broke initscripts and sysvinit-utils.
> Anyway a reinstall on sid fixed it.

bootlogd has been split in a separate package and /etc/default/bootlogd 
is now obsolete (you can safely remove it). If you want logging install 
the package, if you don't, remove it ;)

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