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Re: printing dead slow since squeeze

On Fri, 02 Mar 2012 21:04:55 +0100, Rémi Letot wrote:

> Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:

>> Did you run an in-place update or did you install squeeze from scratch?
> in-place update, and I had to ressort to the equivallent of a software
> chainsaw several times to make it work :-)


>> Okay, as a first round I would try to debug if the origin of the
>> slowness is related to the network connection.
> I don't think so, my network has no problem otherwise. Besides, the file
> that I print is very small. It's only one page, some KB. The number of
> pages comes from using lp -n .

>> Is printing pain slow when printing from the local host (the computer
>> that is connected to the printer) or you note some difference in the
>> processing speed when sending the job locally?
> I have no locally connected computer, it's only a network printer. So no
> easy way to test this.

Ah! It's a networked printer with an embedded network port. That makes 
things different. My first thought was that you were sharing the printer 
over the network and thus using CUPS as a server and not as client, as 
you seem to be doing.

Are you experiencing the same slowness from another computers?
>> And just in case, if the printer supports it, I would test with a PCL6
>> driver, it would be interesting to see the results to compare.
> Will try that tomorrow.

Okay. PostScript drivers are usually slower than PCL6, but this is only 
noticeable for high quality or very complex works (speaking of mebibytes) 
but of course not for a bunch of KiB :-)
>> Also, the more information you provide for the printer (brand name,
>> model, connection type, ppd file in use...), the better.
> Brother HL-4050CDN, network connection, ipp protocol, ps filter.

It seems that Brother is one of the preferred manufacturers for people on 
this list, there are many users with these devices :-D

If you can use a "socket://" as URI connection instead "ipp://", try it.
> The ppd is the one provided with cups, and I also tried with the generic
> ps ppd.

Try also with Brother's PPD file:

> I force reinstalled the whole cups stack (cups and co, foomatic,...)
> just to be sure that no etch file was lying around, but it didn't help.

Another thing you can try is creating a fresh new user, login with it and try 
to print from there.



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