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printing dead slow since squeeze


I just updated a bunch of servers from etch to squeeze (yes I know, took
my time :-)

Everything works fine after a bit of tweaking, except printing. I have a
networked postscript printer managed through cups, and since the upgrade
it has been dead slow.

It is slower to react when receiving a file, but more problematic it
makes regular pauses when printing longer documents.

I just tried a single page pdf that printed very fast in multiple copies
with etch (lp -n test.pdf), but now it makes a multiple seconds pause
between each page. The printer sits there, led blinking, and prints one
page at a time.

I have tried many things, including creating a generic ps printer in
cups, but no matter what I do it makes pauses.

I also tried to convert the pdf to ps first, then print the ps
file. This is faster, but still makes a pause every 3 or 4 pages, which
it didn't do with etch.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this ?


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