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Re: Open bug in Kino

On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 08:22:43 +0100, Friedhelm Mehnert wrote:

> There is a long standing bug in the version of Kino which shipes with
> Debian Squeeze.
> Kino seg faults and dies when creating video segment in FX tab Bug
> #567588. It was reported first in 2010. And google is full of complaints
> from frustated users who have upgraded from lenny (where it was working
> fine) to sqeeze.

Sadly that's the norm for stable and time based releases, not just 
Debian ;-(

> I have found out what the problem is. It's very simple. The binary i386
> deb version 1.3.4-1+b1 that is distributed with sqeeze is broken.
> The source packet is ok!!
> So the problem can be fixed by getting the source and rebuild the
> packet.

For that same reason is so important watching for bugs before a 
distribution is released.
> I have filed two bug reports AND emailed the maintainer about the issue,
> but that guy must to be dead, since I haven't heard a single word from
> him.

It seems to be activity at least for the package, you can ask another 
people of the team to do the rebuild and triy to get an update:


> So I have put an inofficial deb online, if you're to lazy to build it
> yourself from source, just get the packet and intall it over the broken
> version. It's at www.friedhelms.net/debian/kino .

Thanks for sharing.



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