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Re: Problem Installing libc6 (eglibc) from netboot image

Chris Hiestand wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Out of curiosity, what are you using libc6-i386 for on your amd64
> > machine?
> To run 32-bit apps. When I need to build a 32-bit app I just switch to a
> 32-bit machine or VM. I've had to support several 32-bit apps in the past
> and present including:
> skype

You realize that skype is one of those evil applications!  A kitten
dies every time another user signs up for it.  :-)

> acrobat reader
> adobe flash player
> (and a handful of other more custom apps)

Those used to be very problematic on anything other than 32-bit.  They
seem to be working okay in 64-bit native at the moment.  Might change
at any time.  There are many good native PDF readers available.  Flash
is still iffy.  Gnash works okay but isn't 100% yet.  I still hate
flash sites due to problems with flash even on its native platform.

I had been using a chroot for those 32-bit applications.  But not
currently needing one for any of those reasons now.

> Usually the "quick and dirty" solution is just enough to get these
> apps running on an amd64 machine. Fortunately a lot of these apps
> have moved to 64-bit architecture, so the "quick and dirty" solution
> is less useful; just when Debian is finally capable of doing things
> right. However I have a feeling multi-arch will be useful in the
> future.

I am not looking forward to multiarch.  I think it is going to be more
trouble than it is worth.  It sounds simple in concept.  But the
implementation leads to many tradeoffs and compromises.  For anyone
who doesn't want multiarch it is going to introduce problems and
overhead that they don't need.

> I plan to revisit this when it's time to upgrade to wheezy stable.

Good deal.


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