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Re: Problem Installing libc6 (eglibc) from netboot image

On Feb 23, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:

>> That's because you're running i386 arch. I was on an amd64 machine.
> That makes a large difference!
> Out of curiosity, what are you using libc6-i386 for on your amd64
> machine?

To run 32-bit apps. When I need to build a 32-bit app I just switch to a
32-bit machine or VM. I've had to support several 32-bit apps in the past
and present including:
acrobat reader
adobe flash player
(and a handful of other more custom apps)

Usually the "quick and dirty" solution is just enough to get these apps running
on an amd64 machine. Fortunately a lot of these apps have moved to 64-bit
architecture, so the "quick and dirty" solution is less useful; just when
Debian is finally capable of doing things right. However I have a feeling
multi-arch will be useful in the future.

I plan to revisit this when it's time to upgrade to wheezy stable.


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