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Re: Debian SID or Wheezy/SID?

Charles Kroeger wrote:
> Why is it exactly some are using the ''Toy Story' character names when
> it would be less confusing to just stick with UNSTABLE and TESTING,
> notwithstanding STABLE users of course. 

You said notwithstanding Stable so I won't menthion that Stable should
always be named Woody, Sarge, Etch, Lenny, Squeeze, Wheezy or
whatever.  Otherwise when Stable changes it is problematic.  Upgrades
of late have required a manual actions to order things correctly.  But
you already know this and so I won't mention it.

There isn't ever any difference between Unstable and Sid.  Those
should always be interchangeable. People use Sid because we like the
Toy Story name.  Or not.  Or whatever.  No difference.  I usually try
to say Sid/Unstable when I am trying to be as plain and as unconfusing
as possible.

Wheezy versus Testing is the interesting case.  I always use Testing
when talking about the track that is just downstream from
Sid/Unstable.  But I always use the name Wheezy when I want to
identify the next release after Squeeze.  Coming back to the archive a
couple of years in the future there will be a different Testing
release and then Wheezy will be as history as Woody, Sarge, or Lenny.

In a sources.list file it depends upon your mindset.  If you are a fan
of the idea of a continuously-usable-testing (Debian's CUT project)
then you would want to say "testing" there.  But that isn't
implemented yet and so if you want careful stability you probably want
the name "wheezy" so that when it releases it will be Stable.  As
things stand now, a few months before a release Testing becomes
frozen.  But Unstable is still open.  So a lot of upgrades pile up
waiting for the release.  After a release the floodgates open for
packages to flow from Unstable to Testing again and Testing usually
becomes rather (looking for another word other than unstable)
unsteady.  So it is better to use wheezy instead of testing, wait
until a couple of weeks after a release, and then move to the next
version of Testing by name again.


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