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Re: Debian SID or Wheezy/SID?

On Sb, 18 feb 12, 10:03:45, Bob Proulx wrote:
> > What would happen if I would commented wheezy lines by using a # and
> > after that I run 'aptitude update' and 'aptitude safe-upgrade'?
> Nothing different would happen from what you have today.  You already
> have Sid listed in your sources.list system.  If you have upgraded to
> Sid packages then you already have a Sid system.  Removing the Wheezy
> lines will do nothing different than you have today.  Or leaving them
> in.  Other than taking up more memory and running slower because of
> the need to process so much more data, leaving those Wheezy lines in
> won't matter either.  I would take them out just to simplify things.

I wouldn't :D

> Right about now there are ten people jumping at the chance to correct
> me and say, no, that isn't true, Squeeze has package XYZ that was
> removed from Sid and Wheezy, and Wheezy has the pre-transition version
> of package ABC that was removed from Sid.  They will say that they are
> really different.  Yes, yes, yes to all.  They are different release
> tracks, have their own repositories.  Some individual packages or
> transitions of packages will have been added and removed between the
> different repositories.  Each and every one of those are special cases
> that would need to be discussed separately.  Which is too much to talk
> about in a quick answer so I am going to ignore this for now.

Unless I'm misreading your paragraph above you are not mentioning the 
case where packages are being removed from unstable temporarily, to ease 
a (very) complicated transition.

Something like "unstable users should have testing in their 
sources.list, period." has been posted a few years ago by a member of 
the Release Team (Adeodato Simò, if memory serves me) and my reading of 
-devel and -devel-announce didn't suggest any (major) change in this 

Hmm, maybe I should try to get the Release Team's current opinion on 
this and suggest a patch for the Debian Reference...

Kind regards,
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