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Re: using a bluetooth headset

On Tue, 14 Feb 2012, Celejar wrote:

IIUC, that snippet just sets up a profile that alsa applications can
use; they still need to be told individually to actually use this
profile. For example, using 'aplay', you'd do something like "aplay -D
bluetooth sound.wav". Each alsa app will have its own configuration
area where you set which alsa device you want it to use.

  Sorry, but if I may invent a new acronym, I think, according all the
  test I've done, that YDUC...
  I have 4 devices, for which I have 4 different alsa config files:

     .asoundrc.asoundconf.live (internal SoundBlaster)
     .asoundrc.asoundconf.z305 (usb speaker)
     .asoundrc.asoundconf.z515 (wireless speaker)

     If I do
        ln -fs .asoundrc.asoundconf.live .asoundrc.asoundconf
     the sound is sent to my SB-live card, from any program but mplayer,
     without specifying any device for them (aplay, vlc, totem, xine,
     If I do
        ln -fs .asoundrc.asoundconf.z515 .asoundrc.asoundconf
     the sound is sent to my wireless speaker, with all these programs.
     and idem for the z305.
     But,if I do
        ln -fs .asoundrc.asoundconf.headset .asoundrc.asoundconf
     the sound is only sent to my bluetooth headset from skype.
     For the other programs, it goes to the SB-live card.
     (NB: I had to disable pulseaudio to make it work from skype)

     Can anybody explain that?

     As for pulseaudio, I always get "connection refused", for example
     with pavucontrol.

Pierre Frenkiel

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