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using a bluetooth headset

I'm  trying to use a bluetooth headset, and curiously, it works only
for Skype(at least for the speaker, not for the microphone),
and not for any other program.
According what I found in a forum. I put in .asoundrc.asoundconf

   pcm.bluetooth {
       type plug
       slave {
           pcm "bluetooth_hw"

   pcm.bluetooth_hw {
         type bluetooth
         device 00:0C:55:57:AC:23
         profile "auto"

but alsa still sends the sound to my PC speakers.
I checked that Alsa actually uses this .asoundrc.asoundconf file, as it works
for my other sound device (a wireless speaker)

How come that Skype is the only program which sees all my sound devices?

Pierre Frenkiel

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