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Re: free software mini pc

Christofer C. Bell wrote at 2012-02-13 16:54 -0600:
> Maybe they mean the system halts but doesn't power off.  Would that be an 
> issue?  Having to manually cut power?

Um, maybe the thing that people aren't getting here is that I am interested 
in *purchasing* a device.  (I am not out to throw mud in faces, just shopping 
for what I want.)  What I want is what I have already mentioned, 100% free 
software and maximum reliability (so everything "just works"; yes, and powers 
off too).  I have not given any spending limits at all, so suggestions have a 
blank check to work with.

If no device fits my requirements, fine.  In that case I will not be 
purchasing one.  I just would like to know now, *before* I make a purchase.

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