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Re: Suggestions regarding a PCI-X card.

On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:26:33 -0800, Dan Serban wrote:


> Am I reading the above wrong?  Under capabilities is says Status as
> well, but earlier it's simply status.  So I'm wondering if the bus is at
> 66MHz and the card is somehow at 133?  I don't fully understand the
> output.


Mmm, I don't know how reliable it can be that information :-?

("+" means the flag is enabled and "-" means it is disabled)

Regardless lspci output, I would ensure the BIOS POST data displays the 
right bus frequency for that specific PCI-X slot (remember that some 
motherboards allow to configure the frequency to lower values for PCI 
cards -usually "auto/PCI33/66/PCI-X/66/100/133MHz").



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