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Sticky bit on device files?

Hello all,

Since some time I get the message
> swapon: [...]: insecure permissions 1660, 0660 suggested.

[1] is related to this. I'm not worried, but there are two things I wonder:

1) Foremost, what does the sticky bit on character or block device files even
_mean_? I'm guessing it's meaningless, but I wonder. My Google fu comes up
empty. <paranoid mode> It's a big cover up? </paranoid mode> ;P

2) How come the sticky bit is set for a whole bunch of character and block
devices? Grepping through udev rules didn't shed light on it. I didn't feel like
reading all rules manually, hoping somebody already knows.

Here you can see a few of all those device files on my (Wheezy) box:

root@tweek:/dev# find -perm -1000 -printf '%P %y\n'|sort -n
adsp c
audio c
autofs c
btrfs-control c
bus/usb/001/001 c
bus/usb/008/001 c
cpu/microcode c
dm-0 b
dm-9 b
dsp c
fd0 b
fuse c
loop0 b
loop7 b
loop-control c
lp0 c
mapper/control c
mem c
mixer c
net/tun c
parport0 c
port c
ppp c
sda1 b
sdf b
snd/controlC0 c
snd/timer c
sr0 b
ttyS0 c
ttyS3 c
uinput c



PS: CC: to me is welcome.

[1] <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=196857#31>

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