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Re: display to remote machine

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 2:04 AM, Andrei Popescu
<andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Du, 12 feb 12, 21:34:20, T o n g wrote:
>> Hi,
>> With the ssh/x-forwarding, I seems to have lost the ability to sent my
>> local xdisplay to remote machine. How can I do it?
>> Details: I'm sitting in front of machineA (my desktop) and conncet via ssh
>> to machineB (my laptop). I can start a remote x-program on machineB, and
>> the x11 forwarding will make the x-window appear on my local machineA.
>> Now, what I want to do is exactly the reverse: start a local x-program
>> and sent the x-window onto remote display on machineB.
> Does X on machineB listen for incoming connections? The Debian default
> is to start X with '-nolisten tcp'.


I don't believe there's a way to do what you're looking to do using
ssh X forwarding.  When you're using ssh X forwarding, you're able to
pull back the display of a client application, but you're not able to
"push out" the display of a local application.  You will likely have
to investigate the route that Andrei is implying -- opening the X
server on the remote machine to connections from the network and then
exporting the display of your local X client to the remote display
without the benefit of ssh X forwarding.

That said, if someone else knows a way to do it, I'm open to
correction.  I've just never heard of it.

Good luck!


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