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Re: display to remote machine

On Du, 12 feb 12, 21:34:20, T o n g wrote:
> Hi,
> With the ssh/x-forwarding, I seems to have lost the ability to sent my 
> local xdisplay to remote machine. How can I do it? 
> Details: I'm sitting in front of machineA (my desktop) and conncet via ssh 
> to machineB (my laptop). I can start a remote x-program on machineB, and 
> the x11 forwarding will make the x-window appear on my local machineA. 
> Now, what I want to do is exactly the reverse: start a local x-program 
> and sent the x-window onto remote display on machineB. 

Does X on machineB listen for incoming connections? The Debian default 
is to start X with '-nolisten tcp'.

Kind regards,
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