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Re: free software mini pc

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 7:27 PM, green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com> wrote:
On 2/11/2012 8:09 PM, green wrote:
> I need a fanless mini PC; it will run Debian.  It will be used in a
> production environment.

Alex Hutton wrote at 2012-02-11 22:56 -0600:
> I share your sympathies. I really hate fan noise! There are ARM
> computers that run at 5 watts, and can be passively cooled.... but can
> they be used as a 'desktop'?

That is an interesting question for me; I know that the requirements I have
set are modest, but it will be a small step down from the specifications of
the desktop system currently in use.  But it certainly will not be used
heavily, and swapping on SATA SSD Flash will probably perform a bit better
than 7200 RPM drives in use now.

> So my next plan is to build a 'beowulf cluster' out of ARM computers

Wow, that sounds like a fun project.

> The Trim Slice kernel has been updated since then so some time I am going
> to upgrade and see how it can perform.

So the Trim-Slice is not supported by mainline kernels?

> If you have specific questions about the Trim Slice I'll try to help.


Doesnt thin clients & LTSP qualify for this ?
I have 2 WYSE S50 Thin client terminals running LTSP on stock debian kernel with my laptop acting as the 'server'.
WYSE S series comes with its own version of linux with a GUI but it can network boot LTSP just fine.
I believe there are some other Thin clients that has Wireless cards built in as well (S50 does not).

I was able to get the same S50 with a wifi dongle added to work over wifi but that was noticeably slow as that had to be booted with a trimmed down linux os (knoppix in my case) off a USB thumb drive to get the wifi network connected. As the device has only 128mb memory, this was not suitable for actual work. i did it merely as an exercise than anything else.

It works fine with LTSP (with ethernet cable connection) and even packages like LibreOffice works with very little 'slowness'. However apss that requires Direct 3D access (tux paint in this case) did not work. I dont know if its a case of mis configured Xorg settings or if the S50's graphics system simply does not support it. IT has AMD Geode CPU/GPU.

For general Home office/office/school lab environments, its perfectly usable as a production system.


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