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Re: WLAN miniPCI or USB

On Mi, 08 feb 12, 14:15:42, Ramon Hofer wrote:
> I'd like to add a WLAN interface so that I can use it as WLAN access 
> point. It has miniPCI and USB.
> One card which I found and think should work is the TP-Link TL-WN861N. As 
> per linuxwireless it uses the ath9k driver. They list these modes of 
> operation:
> Station Mode, *AP Mode*, IBSS Mode, Monitor Mode, Mesh point with HT 
> support, as well as RSN, WDS (as of >= 2.6.37).
> This means it should be possible to use this module because AP means 
> Access Point or am I wrong?

I don't know of any other meaning of "AP" in this context.
> Maybe there are some other suggestion?
> Or should I better go for an USB device?

I'd go for the mini-PCI as well, unless you can think about using it for 
something else. Some possible issues that I have read about:

- be careful about revision numbers: manufacturers tend to change 
  chipsets from one revision to another
- don't forget about the antena

Hope this helps,
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