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Re: Lenny security support dropped

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 11:20:55 +0100, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:

> Andrew Wood wrote:
>>> Well, I love Debian Lenny, the first release that I use regularly,
>>> it's very sad news
>> It was the first version of Debian I used too

Lenny is also my first entry point to Debian :-)

> It was my eighth release of debian -- Man, do I feel old now ;-)
>> but I wouldnt call it a sad day. On the contrary Im excited for the
>> future of Debian - Wheezy and Gnome 3 look great.
> For my desktop I am less into look and more into functions. Gnome3 comes
> are some nice ideas with good usability.


>> Using Wheezy as my main desktop OS now. Used to be a Mac fan but hate
>> the new UI in OS X Lion, think Gnome 3 is much more elegant.
> It sure is elegant. If only it would be less patronizing. Lots of
> formerly already few available config options are simply gone. Many
> others are better hidden than ever before. E.g. there is no GUI way to
> configure the backdrop of gdm any more. The top panel is not
> configurable at all. More panels need some trickery to spawn in the
> first place. There is no power off item in the panel menu, only
> log-out...

Most of the complaints come from gnome-shell's lack of configurability 
but sure it is (configurable). We only need to look at LinuxMint's 
Cinnamon. I think is just a matter of time users can easily control the 
full look & feel of the desktop in a convenient way (by means of 
extensions) although I would like to see this option integrated in gnome-
shell itself in a not so long future.



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