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Re: GNU/Debian Linux vs. facebook, Twitter and other proprietary social media

> On Sun, Feb 05, 2012 at 10:51:43AM +1100, Alex Hutton wrote:
>> The thing of facebook is people login to facebook and regularly view
>> their activity feed. So if you are posting to facebook you are
>> appearing in the activity feeds of people who have 'liked' your page.
>> People can also message you through facebook and this can be a channel
>> for customer support.
>> You use a facebook app to have an RSS feed (eg from your website/blog)
>> appear in your activity feed. This way you don't actually have to use
>> Facebook, per se, you only have to setup the page and the RSS
>> importation. You can also, I believe, setup email forwarding so that
>> when people message you through facebook it appears on your email.
> Are there other tool I can use to avoid using facebook? I did find out
> about
> and someone else mentioned about Diaspora. It's considered decentralized
> social networking. But can I use some other software to let people know
> about
> specials, events, etc., without using things like facebook.
> There's gotta be some kinda Android or Apple app that lets foodies stay
> updated with their favorite foodie shops. Maybe an RSS app for foodies.

As I said before, LinkedIn is the only network I would bother with.
Somebody misconstrued that as my suggesting that it was a source of work.
This is not the case.
It keeps you in touch with what's happening in the industry - conventions,
new ways of thinking, what's happening in the market, that sort of thing.
That's where it's value lies.

I have tried Diaspora and the concept - decentralisation, etc., is
excellent, but the stability I have found is Alpha at best.
Not really a trade orientated environment - more of the Twitter crowd with
more than a 140 character allocation.

You'll need all your time for your production and customers.

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