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GNU/Debian Linux vs. facebook, Twitter and other proprietary social media

I hope this isn't too off topic for this list but smart people lurk about
these parts. 

In a nutshell, my wife and I starting a small business in a family oriented
neighborhood. We're serving coffee, espresso and baking fresh bread and
pastry on premises. The shop will be located at the northern tip of
Manhattan in the vicinity of Inwood Hill Park (last remaining undeveloped, old
growth forest in Manhattan), Isham Park and Fort Tryon Park.

Starting on a shoe-string budget during a recession, I plan on using GNU software for
as much as I can possibly can without devoting too much time to computing. 
Music Player Daemon for music, possibly sc for basic spreadsheet
needs, m0n0wall firewall for Wi-Fi, etc. Also investigating a Linux payroll
system, etc.

Wife uses a Mac. I have been using Debian since 1996 for all my daily needs, though I still 
would not call my self a guru. We do not have any social media presence and
we like it that way. No facebook, twitter or other accounts. We use basic cell 
phones. With that said...

Everyone has been telling us that we *absolutely* have to be on facebook and
twitter, if not more, for our coffee house. They argue that it's free
marketing and advertising. That we need facebook to advertise events and
specials. That most people today check their facebook before their email.
That is, if they check their email at all.

This does not sit well with me. I've read the tech news concerning facebook's
privacy and "intellectual property" policies. I've recently read about 
twitter's country based censorship controversy. 

Being a neighborhood shop, I was hoping to avoid social media. I want to
interact with people in person. But I agree that I need a way to let people
know about events of specials. Can I do that with GNU software without
selling my soul to Zuckerberg? Do I even need software or could I be smarter
about this?

P.S. Thinking about "social media" pisses me off even more because, currently 
working as a paramedic, I've had co-workers take their phones out while treating 
patients. And I have yelled at people. These days, seems most people can't go
two minutes without sucking on their digital pacifier.

Thoughts? Suggestions? 

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