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Re: making a DVD bootable

On Wed, 08 Feb 2012 15:14:19 +0000, richard wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Feb 2012 14:53:06 +0000 (UTC) Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com>
> wrote:


>> > I'm trying to fix a screwed up partition on the laptop
>> With this media? :-?
>> > The DVD has a copy of something like coca-cola companies lemonade on
>> > it but the person who copied it did not make it bootable. Not that I
>> > use it just I like anything on a machine to work.
>> > 
>> > not too cryptic I hope.
>> I don't know what you mean here by "bootable". If the disc was not
>> finalized your DVD reader can experience difficulties for accessing it,
>> although the data on it is indeed bootable.
> Ummmmm, well it doesn't boot, thats the the problem, 

Can you read it at least?

> doesn't something have to be written to tracks  on the DVD to make it
> bootable the same as the data in the MBR on a hard drive ?

My guess is that the disc has not finalized/closed. Have you tried with 
"wodim -fix" or something similar? Anyway, as I told you before, these 
experiments have never worked for me.



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