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Re: lenovo s205 installation problems

On 02/05/2012 02:35 AM, Russell L. Harris wrote:
* Russell L. Harris<rlharris@broadcaster.org>  [120205 02:12]:
* Russell L. Harris<rlharris@broadcaster.org>  [120205 01:30]:
Just now it occurred to me that perhaps the BIOS mode during
partitioning may be causing the failure to boot.  Accordingly, I now
am doing an installation in which I allow the 6.0.4 installer to
partition the entire drive, having started the machine in "IDE" mode.
Unsuccessful.  I ran the BIOS configuration to change the boot drive
to the WD hard drive, but the machine does not boot, even after
shutting down.

If the installation does not boot, then I plan to reinstall, with the
BIOS in "AHCI" mode, again allowing the 6.0.4 installer to partition
the entire drive.
Another hour should tell ...
... another evening wasted.

For the record (in case someone else is considering purchase of an
S205), the second installation attempt -- with BIOS set to "IDE" --
likewise failed.

I suppose that the next logical step would be to install GRUB to an
SD/SDHC memory in the SD slot under the keyboard.  And perhaps LILO or
legacy GRUB would boot the beast.

But at this point, my inclination is to sell the Lenovo and look
elsewhere for a small computer.  With the screen closed, the S205 is
about the size of an 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch (lettersize) sheet of

Life is too short to squander it messing around with machines which
are designed to run exclusively M$ and other proprietary operating


Just out of curiosity, will the machine boot up on an installation
disk from Microsoft? Maybe the machine is defective?


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