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Re: lenovo s205 installation problems

* Russell L. Harris <rlharris@broadcaster.org> [120205 01:30]:
> Just now it occurred to me that perhaps the BIOS mode during
> partitioning may be causing the failure to boot.  Accordingly, I now
> am doing an installation in which I allow the 6.0.4 installer to
> partition the entire drive, having started the machine in "IDE" mode.

Unsuccessful.  I ran the BIOS configuration to change the boot drive
to the WD hard drive, but the machine does not boot, even after
shutting down.

> If the installation does not boot, then I plan to reinstall, with the
> BIOS in "AHCI" mode, again allowing the 6.0.4 installer to partition
> the entire drive.

Another hour should tell ...


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