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Re: Sleep

> First, invoke acpi_listen, then close and re-open the lid. The event will
> be shown onscreen, in my case it is "button/lid LID close" plus a few
> other lines.
In my case: "button/lid LID0 00000080 0000000f" (closed) and
"button/lid LID0 00000080 00000010" (opened). The last numbers differ
from time to time.

> Second, write script placed into /etc/acpi/:
> $cat /etc/acpi/lidclose.sh
> echo "echoing from inside script lidclose.sh"
> touch /etc/acpi/tested.ok
> pm-suspend
It didn't work.

> Second, create this script:
> $cat /etc/acpi/lidclose
> event=button/lid LID close
> action=/etc/acpi/lidclose.sh
This one didn't work too. (I've changed "event" according to acpi_listen.)

How will it know when to run /etc/acpi/lidclose?

BTW, there are lid.sh and sleep.sh in this directory. Maybe I should
tweak those. What do you think?


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