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Re: issue with mdadm and mirroring drives

On 19/01/12 02:04, Marc Auslander wrote:
Now, does that code contain a copy of grub.cfg?  Or
does it read it from someplace?  If the second, how does it decide
where/how to read grub.cfg.

I understand how, once it has grub.cfg, it decides what to boot.  It's
where grub.cfg comes from that I don't understand.

Pretty sure at that stage it has loaded modules that let it interpret a selection of filesystem types, in order to fetch grub.cfg (and further
grub modules).  Therefore you need grub modules for whatever filesystem
types (and similar) are needed to get to /boot; historically, that excluded md (and lvm) and so /boot was typically not put inside LVM or
md RAID — more recently I believe GRUB can interpret LVM and MD devices.

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