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Re: how to download the packages in Debian testing non-free before installing?

Scott Ferguson wrote:

Ignore that noise - I heard installation as installation of packages
*not* installation of the OS.

Oh, ok :)

Why you'd want to do instead of building from a netinstall CD (with any
required firmware packages) is another question. However:-

You 'could' use apt-zip[*1] or the "apt-get -d" with a live CD and then:-
# cp /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb somewhere_convenient.

Reverse that process after installation of the base packages.

[*1] http://wiki.debian.org/AptZip

Well, this laptop has two harddrives out of which I´ll make a software RAID-1. Last time I checked, installing and booting from a RAID was only possible by using LVM (and md), and the d/i of Testing was able to do that pretty easily for me. I just want something that works the way I need it to, without having to do trial and error and having to put Windoze back on the laptop to be able to burn more CDs or DVDs and then making another try.

Some things built into this laptop might never work and it won´t really matter (like I really don´t need a fingerprint scanner ...), but if I can´t get the wireless card to work, I´m screwed.

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