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Re: how to download the packages in Debian testing non-free before installing?

On 19/01/12 06:58, lee wrote:
> Hi,
> how do I download the packages in the non-free section and make them
> useable by the Debian installer before starting the installation?


# apt-get -d install example_package/s

example_package/s will not be installed, but will be in
/var/cache/apt/archives. Likewise any packages required by that install.

then, at your leisure:-

# apt-get install example_package/s

You can do the later any time, apt (which calls dpkg) will always look
in /var/cache/apt/archives before downloading.

There is bound to be an equivalent for aptitude - I don't have it
installed so I can't look up the man/info for you.

[*1] for multiple packages just append them to the apt-get eg.:-
apt-get -d install

[*2] -d is the short form of --download-only

NOTE: -s (the short form of --simulate) in other words, show me what
would happen. You will always get always get a chance to see what, and
how large a download and install space required, before the "apt-get
install" is effected (a Y/N to proceed prompt). *Unless* you use the -y


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