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Re: Exim4 (mis)configuration for smarthost (Was: Re: How to disable TLS in exim4 client part?)

On Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:30:22 +0100, Alois Mahdal
<Alois.Mahdal.1-NDMAIL@zxcvb.cz> wrote:

It seems that exm4 does not rewrite addresses as I wish according to
  aloism@localhost: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism@gebba: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
 Neither of these lines work.  But manual says:
   (sender addresses) "...are rewritten for users that appear  to be in
  the local domain..."
 and my domain (in resov.conf) is different from gebba.aloism.test.local.
Might this be the cause?  That "aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local" does not
"appear to be in local domain"?

Nope, blind silly human. :-D  It's


Now it works: addresses rewritten, e-mails delivered! :-) (the gate does
not seem to care about thing in "EHLO thing")

Thanks for patience! :)


PS: Well, not SO silly, I guess there's bug in http://wiki.debian.org/GmailAndExim4
    ...going to report...

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