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Exim4 (mis)configuration for smarthost (Was: Re: How to disable TLS in exim4 client part?)

On Tue, 03 Jan 2012 19:16:49 +0100, Joe <joe@jretrading.com> wrote:

"R=smarthost T=remote_smtp_smarthost"

I could not find in Exim4 specs what these fields should be.


R is router, T is transport. A router determines where to send a
particular email next, a transport is a software means of achieving
that. Routers and transports may be user-defined for individual
domains or even per recipient, which gives enormous flexibility in
shifting mail around.

Wow, thanks for insight :-)

This entry is only telling you that delivery has been made successfully
to your local smarthost, local.gate.cz. The next step is to find out
what this server has done with the email, which depends on whether the
server is also yours or you have to ask for logs from someone else.

If the latter, quote them time and date and the message ID beginning
"1Rhhe.." (basically your second line above). The server will definitely
have a log entry which is the 'other half' of your entry above, showing
this email as being accepted, and the message ID should then appear in
one or more additional server log entries where the server tries to send
the message to the next SMTP server in the path to your recipient.

Unfortunately, the server is not mine, and for some reasons, I can't expect
much support.  Except when I actually found better solution to the original

Generally the SMTP protocol is reliable in the communications sense, in
that it will either deliver the mail or it will tell the sender that it
can't, and why not. If mail is disappearing without error messages being
returned to the sender, an anti-spam system is usually the reason.

So probably antispam filter is throwing them away.  (Because my client is
acting weird... Because I've probably done something silly before, or I'm
trying impossible configuration...)

Thankfully, I have found that using -v (verbose) option for tests gives
me enough insight to communication (about what I expected to find after
disabling TLS).

And the lines I like the least are:

  SMTP>> EHLO gebba.aloism.test.local
SMTP>> MAIL FROM:<aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local> SIZE=1467 AUTH=aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local

It seems that exm4 does not rewrite addresses as I wish according to

  aloism@localhost: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism@gebba: correct.sender@mydomain.cz
  aloism: correct.sender@mydomain.cz

Neither of these lines work.  But manual says:

  (sender addresses) "...are rewritten for users that appear  to be in
  the local domain..."

and my domain (in resov.conf) is different from gebba.aloism.test.local.
Might this be the cause?  That "aloism@gebba.aloism.test.local" does not
"appear to be in local domain"?


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