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SOLVED - -bash: no job control in this shell on tty1

I have had a problem for a long time now when logging in on tty1 as root or any user. On logging in the system reports " -bash: no job control in this shell on tty1". Others here have also reported the problem but we never found a fix, other then Ctrl c and re-logging in.

I have been annoyed by this bug(?) for a long time and finally found a fix for it, Thanks to Google.

It seem the the tled package was ported from rpm was back in the etch era. Removing the tleds package, or editing the /etc/default/tleds to not start it, allows a normal login on tty1.

I recently changed my password from 6 char's to 14 so this was 'really'
bothering me.  Hope this might help others having the same problem.

Happy New Year!


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